Caste System

         The Caste system is the one of the concept of Vedic Tradition that is highly misunderstood.  The above picture shows the four major caste representing  four aspects of operation. For example in a digital camera making company, the cause of the formation of the company was the knowledge behind the digital-camera. A scientist who discovered the technology and  the Research and Development team is sort of the Brahmin class of the company. The executive officers who "power" runs the company becomes the Kshatriya group. The sales team does the Vaisya job of the company. The production people becomes the Sudra group of the Company.

     Here all the four class of group are each vital as the four pillars of the company.  This strategy is what is seen is the cosmic order or  prapancha purusha:- the cosmic form of  divine power or the universe; - and hence  given in purusha sooktha.  Here brahmana = knowledge, kshatriya = intelligence in structure (management) , vaisya = expression  and sudra = frame-work (materialism).  It is not  concerned with  human beings or society or job wise stratification or profession. Let us read the mantra and the meaning. 
     Brahmano asya mukham aaseeth, baahu raajanya kruthaa, ooru thath asya yad vaisya: padbhyaam sudro ajaayatha, chandrama  manasa: jaatha chaksho sooryo ajaayatha, mukhaath idrascha agnischa pranaath vayurajaayatha naabhyaam aseeth yad anthareeksham, seershno dyou sama varthatha, padbhyaam bhoomim disa sthothraath thadaa lokaan akalpayan…. 
     The “shape”  of the prapancha purusha/the cosmic form is symbolically composed of the following:  Knowledge (awareness and consciousness) became the brain of the cosmic form, protection forces as his  hands (kshatriya),  the thigh as its  vyavahara ( vaisya)  and  feet as the  support (sudra)…(.there the mantra is not ending, it continues)….. the moon (chandrama) became the mind,  the sun (soorya)  became his  eyes,  Indra and agni  (be)came from the face (mukhath), the vayu (breathing) became the praana (life force), atmosphere (anthareeksham) became its stomach,  the  celestial bodies (dyou) keep the body  in balanced  way.  Using the  feet (padbhyaam), the  prapancha purusha  kept the  directions of  earth  and thus  the  universe was   composed / guided /made. 

     Where is the chathurvarnyam/ caste system and all the nonsense which  people interpret? This can have another meaning  also based on the modern scientific interpretations “ as is the microcosm so is the macrocosm “  says the vedaantha and  ultra modern  physics. If that  meaning is taken then :  in the same human body, the head/brain  is brahmana,  hands are  kshatriya,  thigh the vaisya and  feet the sudra,  the mind is moon,  the  eyes are the sun,  the face  is agni and indra,  the breathing air is praana,   belly is the  anthariksha ……. and so on.  So everything is in the body  which is equated  with  the  universe.  It has nothing to do with the society or social positions.  If it has social component, where  we shall put the indra , agni, vayu, sun, moon, atmosphere,…..?  (Reference from The Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage).   

     Though all four groups mentioned in the company are vital, it is unfortunate to see that each group get varying degrees of benefits and honor from the company. Depending upon the hierarchy the group members enjoy the benefits from the company. Over time this also happened in India. The intellectual class over-powered other groups,  rottening the whole social system of India.

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