Four Maturation (Ashrams) Stages in Life

Everyone passes through these four stages of growth in life. The first stage is to grow the body in the youth stage. But just by physical growth alone one cannot be called as adult or matured  if the next parameter is not allowed to grow.

     The next focus should be on emotional growth or maturity.  This is why marriage life (Ritual) has been prescribed in Vedic culture. Marriage is one among the sixteen Samskars (rituals) advocated in Vedic culture.


     Purpose of married life is not just for keeping company and have sexual pleasures and bear children. They are part of it. The main focus is on the emotional maturity or growth. It is through accommodation one matures in handling the marriage relation. The emotional growth will not happen until the couples use the intelligence to strength their relations. Just by emotional gratification the relation can exist only for a short time. It is only though exercising intelligence in the relation, one can nurture emotional maturity.

     Using the intelligence in relations , then slowly Wisdom dawns. One should use more thinking in the broader sense, not just confined to one's own comforts and security of life. From the home one should be of use to the society also. Slowly involving in social activities of service wisdom dawns. This is the Vanaprastham stage.

    When commitments of family is totally done, then one should have a attitude of detachment. Detachment is not physically not mentally. This is Sanyasa. When one develops Sanyasa or detachment which is the attitude that there is  impermanence in worldly sense, one develops to look at life with Awareness. This is the witnessing attitude one experience in meditation.

     There is no clear correlation of age with these stages. of course for practical purpose one uses 25 years of age in each phase, it could be shorter in different individuals , in how soon they complete growth in one phase and move on to the next.

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