Four Yugas

The  four Yugas also denote the four aspects that is the theme in Vedic culture. It is interesting to see that the Awareness level goes down as the universe ages.

What does the above mean?

In the Satya Yuga, greater percentage of humans were giving more importance to life to reach Awareness state.

In Treta-Yuga, greater percentage of humans were giving importance to life to strengthen intellect and know intelligence prevailing in the cosmos.

In Dvapara-Yuga, greater percentage of humans were giving importance to life for emotional enjoyment.

In Kali-Yuga, greater percentage of humans will giving importance to life for BODY AND SENSORIAL enjoyment.

Home and way back to the Source:

The whole creation came from Consciousness, expressing Awareness, then materials world was projected based on intelligence , then came the mind to feel the creation through the physical body. 

    But we are caught not knowing the way back home after experiencing the material world. Guru is teacher is one who knows the way back home, our Source. Getting back to our home, the Source is the purpose of life.

    This knowledge can be achieved only through the way back and not through the senses. The Senses is the Culdesac (A dead end road). A saclike cavity or tube open only at one end). It is a round turn. If we are not guided by a teacher we keep taking turns again and again like a circle and hence this continuous birth and death is called as Samsaara Chakra (the wheel of birth and death).

    Modern scientific approach will be a failure to know Consciousness and the creation of the Universe, unless it takes the route of the Ancient Masters.

    Next we will see how creation occurred and where this physical world manifested and so it will gives us the Rishi's logic of knowing it by back walking the path through which we came. 


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