Vishu (Mirroring the Mind's Cosmetic beauty). 

Vishu is the new year of the people of Kerala.   It is a tradition to see the Vishu-Kani first in the morning of the new year. Usually the mother wakes up the family members keeping her right hand  vishuto keep their eyes closed and navigate them to open their eyes on the Vishu Kani. Kani includes a Mirror,  Vishnu picture or icon, yellow flowers, fruits, jewels, spiritual books etc.

 Mirror is the most important part of Vishnu Kani.

Why Mirror?. We cannot think of a day without having a glance of of us in the mirror?. This is because of our cosmetic  sense of our Body. If there is a dirt , growth or black-head on the face we do  not want anyone to comment on that. Because those comments will hurt us and we lose happiness So every single moment we make sure we look good to maintain our happiness. For this cosmetic looks of our body, mirror is important part of our life.

Mugam manasinde Kannadi. Mirror in Vishu kani is for looking at the cosmetic state of our mind. We interact with everyone not only with our physical body , but also with our mind. If this mind has a dirt (a dirt is an unwanted thing), then it reflects in our behavior. Any comment on our behavior will be hurting for us and we lose peace of mind and happiness.  Vishu is a day to begin the year to have an internal cosmetic look of our mind. Like we remove unwanted hairs, pimples, growth and black heads in our face, we have to remove the hairs of unwanted thoughts, pimples of pride and blackheads of jealousy from our minds.

Why Vishnu idol in Vishu Kani?   In Beauty parlors, our inspiration model  is the cosmetic looks of the popular  movie stars or beautiful models. We demand the beautician to get that looks. The model for our   cosmetic mind is Vishnu. This is why near the mirror, Vishnu's picture or icon is kept. If we develop an unconditional mind as Vishnu then we get the blessings of his wife Lakshmi. Where is lakshmi?

The yellow flowers, fruits and Gold?.   Gold and yellow symbolically represents the happiness, our internal wealth. This wealth is Lakshmi. We want to have the wealth of happiness throughout the year. This happiness wealth is what we are all working so hard for in the form of health, material wealth, knowledge etc. But lakshmi, the happiness cannot come without having the clean mind of Vishnu.

vishu-eyesGuru the professional Beautician:   The purpose of seeking the Guru is to beautify our mind. Guru gives the correct spiritual shampoo and sadhana bleaches to remove dirt from our mind. Follow the suggestions of the Guru to keep of the Mind and  have Lakshmi of happiness in our life. Have this vision of contemplation of cosmetic every day or atleast once in a year on the new year of Vishu. Happy Vishu to all of you.

Vishu comes from the word "Vishwath", the Universe. The Universe is only the manifestation of one Consciousness (here named as Vishnu). To Self-Realize Vishnu, the Consciousness, one has to do giveup the "Ego-Self" by being "Selfless". Vishu is a day to remind this every year, making a new year for this ultimate goal of Life. How to give up the Ego is what Onam Festival is celebrated for.


Source for below article

Some basic scientific facts.

The Sun after one full circle of 360 degrees re-enters the first degree of the cosmic circle. This position is called Aries in western astrology and Mesha in eastern. That day is on which the day and night are of equal length or duration. In 2017 the day was on March 21. The time of sunrise and sunset is the same eg. 6:30 am and 6:30 pm.  In scientific terminology, this point in the celestial circle is called vernal equinox. This day of entry of Sun into 0 degree of celestial circle is Vishu for Hindus.

Then why did the hindus celebrate the day on April 14?

To understand that we need to know some more astrology. The 360 degrees around earth is divided into 12 signs named aries to pisces each of 30 degrees. The same 360 degrees is also divided into 27 star constellations named Aswini to Revati. So 2.25 stars overlap on each sign. The start of Aswini and start of Aries coincided thousands of years back. That was the 360th degree or 0th degree of the 360 degree cosmic circle around earth. Ancient Indians considered the day on which Sun apparently entered into this point as the new year. And that was the day on which day and night was of same duration and was called equinox.

With the passage of time due to the spherical nature of earth and its orbit around Sun this vernal equinox started shifting by small fraction backwards and reached today’s state when the beginning of Aries is 24 (approx to angular minutes) degrees before Aswini. Indians still consider Aries as the beginning of Aswini and not as per equinox. Therefore when the Sun enters the first degree of Aswini it is new year with the Sun at 0 degree. Hence it is not the day on which day and night are the same length viz. Equinox!

The 24 degrees of difference of equinox and Aswini is termed ‘ayanamsha’. Considering the Sun to be on 0 degree of the celestial circle at Aswini is called nirayana (without ayanasha taken into account) and considering the 0 degree on the day of equinox is sayana (taking ayanamsha into account).
On the day when westerners say that Sun has entered Aries, Indians don’t agree because the Sun has got to go forward 25 more degrees to reach Aswini (where incidentally Aries also is for Indians). But for westerners Sun has entered Aries as the equinoxial point.
When new year is considered as the entry of Sun into Aries, it happens on April 14 for hindus ie. March 21 + 24 (approx) = April 15. It could be 14 or 15 of april due to the angular fractions of minutes and seconds and temporal fractions of minutes and seconds.
Therefore sayana Vishu is on March 21 when the sun enters Aries taking shift of equinox into account.

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