Maharshih KapilAcharyah Kritajno Medineepatih                  |

Tripadas Tredas-adhyaksho Maha-Shringah Kritaantakrit

||Vishnu Sahasranamam-SLOKA-57||

Maharshi Kapilaachaaryah with gratitude (Kritajno), the one who has mastered the entire knowledge (Medineepatih), the one who is the knower of all the created objects,  guide us to cross the three realms (Body Mind and Intelligence) (Tripadas)to  blissfully (Treedas) preside (witness/experience) (Adhyaksho)  the highest state (Maha-Shringah) where one annihilates all actions (Sakthi-Awareness-Energy) to the Eternal actionless state (Consciousness-Para Brahmam) Kritaantakrit.

* Bhrama's son Swaayambhuva Manu meditated upon Lord Vishnu and listened to Vishnu Puranam and lived a contented life.

 * By this time Bhrama's shadow created a son called Karthamar who is Prajapathy.

 * Karthamar was very much interested in knowing the universal pattern and he meditated upon Lord Vishnu to attain the knowledge of universal pattern for 10,000 years and had the vision of Vishnu.

 * Vishnu appeared before Karthamar and showed his lotus by which he was made to imbibe the wisdom of patterns.

 * He also asked him to marry Manu's daughter Devahuthi.

 * He said that they will give birth to 9 daughters and a son who will be Vishnu himself.

 * Manu and his wife Sadharoopa were advised by Naradha to give their daughter Devahuthi to Karthamar.

 * After wedding Karthamar was totally involved in Vishnu pooja and Devahuthi served her husband with real dedication and love.

 * Karthamar was impressed by his wife's service and by his yogic trans he made her to enjoy the joy of youngness in all 5 levels and made her to be very happy. He mated her with 9 patterns of mind and gave birth to 9 daughters.

 * So Karthamar was known as ''Navathma''.

 * By serving her husband with true dedication Devahuthi was bestowed with all siddies.

 * Karthamar wished to get into jungles for Sanyasa ashram and before that he blessed Devahuthi with a son who is the incarnation of Vishnu.

 * The objective of Lord's incarnation as Kabila is to make the people to realize the ultimate truth about the ''self''.

Narayaneeyam explains further about Kabila's teachings to his mother Devahuthi as follows:

* The human mind is bonded to the 3 characters - Thamasic-Rajas and Sathwik.

* Because of these characters of mind the mind is bonded to all types of relations and attachments.

* When the mind is released from these bonds by the awareness, the amritha of moksha - ever bliss can be enjoyed by us.

* For that the mind has to be trained through ''bakthy marga''.[True surrender by total acceptance and service to all] True devotion and service to God releases our mind from all such bondages.

* So all wise men follow this batkhy marga and attains moksha. For attaining moksha bakthy marga alone is the easiest way.

* Moola prakruthy, mahath thathvam, ahankaram, 5 dhanmatras, panchaboothas, mind, 10 indriyas all these 24 thathvas joins with the 25th thathva called ''purusha''. When these 25 thathvas got realized by our mind the jeeva gets total liberation from all bonds and enjoys the bliss of anandha. [Splitting and simplifying the 25 thathvas is known as Sangiya School established by Kabila Deva]

* Prakruthi's characters never affects the purusha as long as the purusha makes himself relates to them with desires.

* But people who suffer from all these when worship me and trains themself with the spiritual lessons I give them the liberation from 24 thathvas.

* When a person with true love and pure thoughts worship me through pranayama, prathyaharanam, dhyanam and dhaaranai his mind will be released from the bonds.

* He is advised to worship and meditate my form residing upon Garuda.[Garuda is the symbol of Vedas - spiritual sciences]

* I appear upon Garuda with bluish complexion and I am decked with glittering gems and jewels. This form has to be meditated very often in the mind to get rid of ego.[very often spiritual practice has been said like this]

* Listen to my leelas, sing about me, feel me in everything which alone can be the weapon to chop the bonds. Such devotee will enjoy the bliss of liberation like the flow of Ganga.

* ''Son! What makes us to get into the hell of life?''

Kabila says, ''Mother! People, who just earn money and save them, people who just enjoy only the personal life, sex, children’s love with attachment, attachment to the family...ha! I feel very sacred to say how those people will suffer the hell upon Earth''

* During gestation the jeeva has wisdom, but when gets delivered he becomes ignorant and enjoys the attachment. He just spends his youth and become old and dies. He just wastes his life!

* Devahuthi aks, ''Son! Then what can Grahasthas can do?''

* Kabila answers, ''Mother! when a grahastha lives with real devotion and worships his Pithrus and Devathas, after his death, he just spends a good time in Dakshina marga, but when his account of good deeds gets over again he has to get into a birth cycle.''

* Devahuthi asks further, ''Ho..no! Then when can we do?''

* Kabila says, ''Mother! When a person really surrenders to me by ''nishkaama karma, he reaches the Uthara marga and enjoys the liberation, which means they merge with me which is called ''sathyo mukthy''

* ''People who are ignorant again and again takes birth through asura yoni'' [lower body level]

* By listening to this Devahuthi attained moksha and that place is northeast India is called as Gangasagaram.

* Kabila also went to that place and established his ashram and served the man kind.

* ''get surrender to the lotus feet of Lord, which alone can remove you from all fears and bless you with all needs'' says Kabila to his students.

The above article is based on Narayaneeyam. Dasakas: 14 and 15.



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