The Process of Evolution       

     In the previous pages we have discussed the stages of evolution. We see the mind and intellect  growing along with the gross physical body (not always proportional) and reaches the peak of evolution to the stage of Man. In this stage free will is exercised to complete the journey. The man has a choice to now reduce his subtle and causal body expression and realize his true Self to be Unconditioned Consciousness or Atman or Soul. With this realization he completes his journey, which he started with the question Who Am I?

        Alike the school experience, almost no one does right in the very first stage into the human body. There is always trial and error in the learning. So we take many births and re-birth just to learn it right. But unfortunately instead of learning it better we make more mistakes and get detained in the same state, unless a great calamity happens in life to awaken from the slumber.

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Why Birth and Death?

          Birth and Death occurs at all stages of evolution to proceed to the next evolutionary stage. In the stage of Man also there is repeated life and birth and through each cycle of birth and death (Samsaara), he or she  evolves to the next level.

            Birth and death is a purification process of giving up the lower tendencies of the previous stage. Every experience of pain and suffering drives the tendency to shed the tendencies that was accumulated from the previous stage of evolution. We have already discussed that the causal body (green) has all the tendencies and impressions. These impressions are worked out by converting them into desires and uprooting that impression.

            This can be explained with the following analogy. Suppose if you want to destroy weeds in your home garden, it is difficult to find the seeds of the weeds in the soil and throw them away. Instead, you allow them to sprout and grow to a state where you can easily pluck and destroy it. But care should be taken that you do not allow the weed to grow fully and allow it to mature and bear fruits and drops more seeds into the soil. Then in the next seasonal "cycle" you end with lots of weeds. Similarly we have these big causal body with the impressions and tendencies (seeds) which we have to reduce to complete our journey of knowing the Self. Instead of using the desires to reduce our size of causal body which is full of seeds of impressions, we try to add up. This choice or free will,  we possess can decide when we can extinguish the causal body and realize the Self.


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