Pancha Bhootas

    In the Previous page, we have discussed that this Universe is the manifestation of pure Consciousness.

The pure Consciousness is known as Purusha (Spirit) or Male energy (symbolized as upright triangle). The male energy or  Purusha does not undergo any change but has an ability to project as though  it undergoes changes. This ability is called "Sakthi"  (Energy-Matter) or the female energy (symbolized as downward Triangle). 

It is only the female energy that manifest as the Universe. However the female energy manifested as universe (matter) has no independent existence without the Purusha (Spirit or Consciousness).  So all the forms that we see in this Universe has both male-female aspect in it.

The subtlest Female energy functions as

1. Creative-energy,

2. Maintenance-energy and

3. Dissolution energy.

These three functions aspects of the subtle-Energy (Sakthi) materializes as the gross-matter (Universe) through five laws or principles.  They are known as Pancha Bhootas, the five underlying principles which bring forth material-forms (Bhoota or Bhuta).

1. The first principle that aids the  subtle-Energy (Sakthi) to expand or project as matter is called as the Space principle or (Aakasha element). The Energy at this stage exists as subtlest electromagnetic wave energy.  This is the manifestation/expansion phase in the manifestation of Universe.

2. The second principle is the condensation phenomenon, that aids the wave like energy  to condense to particle form. This is the Air principle(Vaayu element) .

3. The third principle is the interactive phenomenon, the Fire element (Agni), that which ignites or that brings about interactions among the particles.

4. The fourth principle is the transformation principle which means it flows or converts into different forms. Interactions among particles results in conversion to various elements. This is called the water element (Jalam) or the flowing aspect.

5. The fifth principle is the combinational aspect or  Earth principle (Prithvi) or gross element. The combination of the solid compounds formed resulting in the manifestation of many living and non-living forms.   

The One Consciousness is behind the manifestation of the Universe through the five principles (Pancha Bhootas). This five principles are seen in each and every atom to the entire universe and also the theme behind all Vedic Sciences, especially in Pancha Bhoota healing and  Ayurveda.      

In Vedic tradition everything is of two dimension, the subtle and gross (the inner and the outer). The five elements (Pancha Bhootas) at the subtle level are the five basic principles in the manifestation of the Universe. At the gross level they can be understood as the literal Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. However, over years only the gross aspect of the Five elements were only taken into account which has led to severe misinterpretation and errors. This is because the basic Vedic Truth or Principle is not understood.

When the very Fundamental Vedic Knowledge is misunderstood, literal meaning is conceived leading to ignorance. This misunderstanding has spread to all branches of Vedic Sciences leaving Vedic Science as mystic or even superstitious cult. Mission of Sakthifoundation is to bring out the the highest Truth of Vedic Tradition, which is common to both modern science and traditional spiritual disciplines. This new perspective bridges and unites the two opposing cultures of religion and science. Now let's move on to the next level of understanding the creation of the Universe.

Click the link if you interested to know more about Pancha Bhoota healing of diseases. Otherwise please continue reading about the manifestation of Universe.

 Navagrahas (Nine planets):

This five principles (Pancha Bhootas) behind the manifestation of this universe has nine aspects of expression. This nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas  are the Navagrahas. Navagrahas like the Pancha Bhootas are literally taken as the outward gross planets of the Solar System. This cause severely damaged the credibility of another branch of Vedic Science, Jyothism. 

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