Creation in Puranas     

Why is Lotus shown in Creation?

          Lotus is a flower that blooms in presence of Sun and shrinks when Sun sets in the west. The same way, creation (Lotus) blooms in presence of Consciousness (Sun). If Consciousness can be symbolized as Sun, then Awareness is the Sunlight. All the forms including Human beings have Consciousness and Awareness. But when the body dies, it is the Awareness is what is lost.

          When the Consciousness that reflects as awareness is gone, it is a "life-less or in-animate" object. The loss of Awareness vishnuwhich is called death. Presence of Awareness is life.  The lotus blossoms everyday in presence of sunlight and shrinks in the absence of sunlight. This constant blossoming and shrinking of Lotus flower is the symbolism of birth and rebirth. 

   The whole creation starts from Vishnu and the lotus springs out from his navel and on that sits Brahma the Lord of Creation. Brahma has four heads, the three axes of directions and space. The Brahma is the mind the creator. Lotus is the body and a plant like Lotus is used because plants are the food producers for the other organisms, since they can only capture sunlight. Like the umbilical cord connecting the womb and mother's body so does Vishnu the Cosmic Intelligence connects to the mind of us.

    Without Consciousness there is no creation and so does without Vishnu there is no "jagat" or World. But this Vishnu holds a shiva-linga which means that the Consciousness expresses itself through Awareness the Shiva. This is why Vishnu holds the shiva-linga.

SakthiLotusThe blue cosmic ocean is the unlimited space and the Ananta, the snake is the eternal time. On this eternal time and space blooms this whole creation. It is fascinating  know the mystery of creation when we understand each of the symbolism in the vedic puranas. We will explain more in the forth coming sections.

This is the (old) symbol of Sakthi Foundation. Aum is the Symbol of Consciousness (Sun) for the creation of knowledge.

       This is the meaning of chin-mudra. Little finger represents body, ring finger represents mind (that is why in wedding ring is worn in ring finger or mind finger because the event is the joining of two individuals are mind level) . The middle finger is the senses and the chin


fore finger is the ā€œIā€ or ego thought. The thumb is the consciousness finger or intellect finger without which the other fingers are useless. The forefinger is always found associated with the other three fingers and when it transcends them it merges with the thumb to form a circle which indicates that this consciousness has no beginning and end.

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