agnimile purohitum yajnasya devamritvajam hotaram ratnadhatamam

Agni, the high priest of the sacrifice, the divine, the ministrant, who presents the oblation  and is the possessor of great wealth. [Agni = purohita, the one who does thr ritual or, he is one of the sacred fires in which oblations are first (pura) offered (hita); deva: the cause-effect-cosmic force, the bright, shining, radiant; fr. div, to shine; or, one who abides in the sky or heaven (dyusha_na); or, liberal, donor (in the sense of giving); r.tvij = a ministering person, he is also the hota_ (Aitareya Bra_hman.a 3.14), the priest who presents the oblation or who invokes or summons the deities to the ceremony; fr. hu, to sacrifice; or, fr. hve, to call; ratnadha_tama: lit. holder of jewels; ratna = wealth in general; figurately, reward of religious rites].


The Sanskrit phrase with its equivalent meaning is:
Agnimile purohitam yajnasya devamritvajam hotaram ratnadhatam.
Through expansion (by heat )
Theorising (by Pundits )
Triggering (Sacrifice triggers nature to act)
Substratum of space (foundation of natural phenomena)
Extraction of (collecting the result)
Free energy ( gift of the highest order )
Rephrasing it in understandable English:
"By triggering the expansive qualities of
the fundamental substratum abundant free
energy can be obtained".

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