SECRETS OF IDOLS - Veena dhara Murthy in Madurai

Once a musician named Hemanatha from north India came to Madurai. He was a well known music scholar. He use to win in all competitions and make many musicians to stop their performance. But he was very egoistic.

He performed before the king of Madurai and also asked the royal musician to compete with him next day.He said that if he wins the stage the whole Pandiya country will become his slave and no one in the country must sing.

By hearing this royal musicians were tensed and stressed. They also apologized that they cannot face Hemanatha next day. The king felt shamed and finally he came to know about an ardent devote of Lord - Paanapathra. He was not a great singer but he sings before lord in the Meenakshi temple daily with real devotion and faith.

Even he got scared and tried to quit the city within that night. But his wife Thilagavathy gave him the awareness that ego cannot stand before Lord's grace and simplicity. He and his wife surrendered to Lord Sunderaswarar [Lord's name in Madurai] and prayed to help them.

Mean wile Lord from the consciousness appeared as a wood cutter and wandered all across the city and came to the guest house where Hemanatha was resting. Lord took his single stringed Veena and played the Deva gana and sang which made Hemanatha to shed his ego. Lord said that he was the worst student in Paanapathra's class. By listening this Hemanatha compared Paapathra's musical skills and got scared to face him by dawn.

He accepted his defeat and wrote a letter to the King that he has left the city. He was made to realize that the raga-thaala-bhava all are just coming out of any one just because of the bhramam not by the self. He also realized how every particle in the cosmos is vibrating with naadha.

So Shiva as Veena dhara came to Madurai and transformed Hemanatha and blessed his devotees.

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