Veena dhara murthy

Shiva - the awareness state has been depicted in various forms in Shiva agamas[grammar] There are 63 Shiva swaroopas [forms] according to our south Indian idol grammar which convey various spiritual concepts.

One such concept is the ''LAYAM'' -----''UNION'' Or ''YEKAM'' Or ''one in all''. The word layam is mostly used in music. The tune, beat and emotions all must be united, merged so that the artist reaches the awareness state.

Specially raga and thaala must be in layam. Both must be in layam with the fundamental sruthi.

Consciousness as Bhramam is the fundamental sruthi for all music. Thaala or raga or bhava[emotion] cannot be on their own. Thaala - body, raga - intellect, bhava - mind all has to be on the same plane for real awareness. Each one cannot be on their own. They all need to be in aware of the bhramam.

Thambura - resonator for basic sruthi seems to be very simple even that artist will be sitting very calm and others never appreciate them. But without them the artist feels very hard to perform.

Bhrama is similar. Relate bhramam and other 4 levels in our BMIAC concept with music here.

Now let us come to Shiva as Veenadhara Murthy. He is so handsome, cute, his standing posture is expressing his grace and wisdom.

His upper left hand bears the deer - unstable jumping mind. Usually in South Indian idols the weapons and other objects will be held in between middle and index fingers. They are the fingers for mind and intellect.

Deer in between these 2 fingers shows that mind has to be tamed by emotions and intellect. In his right upper hand he holds the axe - weapon to chop the roots of ignorance. It is called ''Malu'' in Tamil.

Both his lower arms holds the beautiful Rudhra Veena. His fingers are playing the Veena. His Veena conveys the ''layam'' - ''Union'' concept. The 7 swaras provoking from his Veena depicts the combination pattern in the whole cosmos and its creations.

Music lessons says that Rudra Veena is very difficult to make and play. This means spiritual lessons are very tedious and it is very hard to realize the BHRAMAM, but it did not say it is impossible.

His hairs are well combed and tied which shows the control over the wandering mind. His graceful smile says that he is the ultimate truth to get realized.

There is no Parvathy [our Jeeva] standing near by because Parvathy got in layam with him.

Most of the ancient temples in Tamil nadu has this idol in granite and copper. But in icons the Rudra Veena will be missing.

We can also relate this form of Shiva with one of the 63 plays [Thiruvilayadal] which he preformed for his devotees in Madurai.

Let us go the temple city Madurai.....

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