Before Gajasamharam Lord Shiva appeared as Bikshadanar. Bikashadanar is again one among the rare idols of Shiva. Lord as naked handsome guy appeared inside the sacred ashram of Dharukavanam. His locks and tufts of hairs were glowing like fire with the skull, mahogany flowers, snake, crescent moon and Ganga. His brave arms were holding a trident, drum and empty skull for having biksha-the offers. His lower right arm feeds the deer with grass. He wears the padarakshai - wooden sandals. A demon dwarf accompanies Lord with a bowl filled with food of biksha. Lord is so calm and his grace with beauty made all the wives of Rishis in Dharaukavanam to go behind him. They were very adamant in their blind belief that it is enough only to do all actions as said in Vedas, they will give the results. So there is no need to worship the devatha-energy forms for attaining the results of actions and even there is no need to attain the Shiva state - awareness.

Just physical level actions will make the life perfect and fulfilled. They were very ignorant that the so called bhramam-consciousness is the root cause for all actions and results. It is the devatha for each action. So Shiva wished to make them aware about this concept and appeared as Bikshadanar. The rishies were very angry by seeing their beloved wives just admiring the naked Bikshadanar. They asked is it nice and right? Lord answered, ''Dear Rishis! you all belive in actions. Yes it is true, when a naked handsome man appears before women, they will admire him. That is the result...why you get anger?'' Rishis replied, ''hey! Biksha...the actions may be true but these women and you must have the instinct about the action and ethics of life'' Shiva, ''Yes , you are true, for that you need that awareness know?'' Rishis, ''yes, that must be natural'' Shiva, ''no man cannot be aware just by performing actions physically. He needs spiritual practices to make himself aware about his actions for which he need to address the so called bhramam, which will express within man as Shiva- the awareness'' But the risihis were so egoistic and they did not accepted.

So Shiva left to Vasistar's ashram where he was performing all actions with awraeness and worshiping Shiva. The legend from Shiva puranam narrates the need for awareness and how ego never allow us to become aware. Now let us decode the idol of Bikshadanar. His tufts and locks of hairs - tamed, disciplined thoughts Moon - unstability of human mind Snake - bioenergy - yogic energy of consciousness skull - ego less state of mind Ganga - ever flowing bliss of true service flowers - our desires which are the cause for births Trident - 3 tenses drum - sound energy and also the warning energy to become aware skull bowl - ego less man's mind., ego is the only biksha he needs Deer - unstable mind fed with the grass of concrete constructive actions Dwarf demon - our body within which all this leela happens. Lord as Bikshadanar is so beautiful in many Shiva temples of Tamilnadu especially in Madurai [back to Lord Sunderaswarar, near Viswanathar shrine, Karaikal - Kailasanadhar shrine etc] In Karaikal every August enjoys the mango festival for the siant woman - Punithavathy [Karaikal ammaiyar]. Lord as Bikshadanar comes to her shrine for biksha and why he is coming as Bikshadanar? He in that form made Punithavathy to become totally AWARE about the birth cycle and its secrets and made her to shift her mind to consciousness.

So let us see, imbibe, admire this form of Shiva and connect that theme within us. The real biksha for Lord is our ego which alone is not made by him. He is so poor without our ego as Bikshadanar. Om namaShivaya!

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