Vasthu, Vaasthu Vastu, Vaastu

How much important:

A student to study well, the study room does play a part. example, it should be well ventilated, well lighted, immune to noises and distraction. It is logical to follow these rules for increasing the efficiency of the student's performance.

Similarly, Vastu is a science dealing with Energy flow in a dwelling place. The sunlight, air flow, water direction, earth surface and the spatial dimension are very important.

A student's room with the best ventilation, well lighted, immune to noises and distraction, still cannot guarantee that they student will study well. There are students even without these provisions do well.

All that matters is the student's attitude to study well, then these provisions will even boost the performance. A student should follows the laws of the student, that is, students goal of learning.

Similarly is the science of Vaastu. The attitude of the house-holders is not correctly-oriented, then the house with all its perfect Vastu will not help. It will certainly augment if the attitude of the house-dwellers are in tune with the laws of nature.

Vasstu is a perfect science and will bring the best in life, if the members of the house live in accordance of laws of nature because, Vaastu is based on laws of nature.

Vaastu becomes a superstition if the house is built of laws of nature and the members live without tuned to laws of nature. 

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