Why  do we celebrate spiritual festivals?

 Festivals are not for fun, but to prepare the mind to enjoy the fun of life.

 see the list of 2014 Festivals, its  real objective and how we celebrate it. 


  2014 Festivals   Real Objective Now celebrated by  
Tue 14-Jan Makarsankranti / Pongal To have the awareness that all forms of Energy is from the divine and expressed in the form including the fundamental Food Energy. Sun as source of energy, cows for milk and agriculture) , which brings sweetness in life.  This is brought in the awareness by doing the rituals like pongal. In other places that Energy is observed as light like in Sabarimala. Only cooking and eating sweet rice and sugar cane.  
Tue 4-Feb Vasant Panchami To welcome spring with the awareness of always having hope in life and passing through sorrows (winter) in life.  Feasting with lot of variety of foods  
Thu 27-Feb Maha Shivaratri To awaken our inner awareness of the unmanifest of spiritual form of energy. Staying awake whole night by overcoming sleep.  
Mon 17-Mar Holi To have the awareness of changing the hostile-system sticking on to Truth whith Self-involvement to enjoy the colors of life Just throw colors on others  
Mon 31-Mar Telugu/Kannada, Hindi New Year/ Ugadi To have the awareness to accept the failures and success in life as learning lessons Eat bitter neem and sweet jaggery mix together.  
Tue 8-Apr Ramanavami To have the awareness of great leadership qualities within us as lived by Lord Ram and Sita. Mere recitation of the story of Ram  
Mon 14-Apr Vaishaki/Baisakhi / Vishu/Chitra-kani To have Self awareness of seeking and reflecting the highest and best in life. Merely looking at mirror and Gold and yellow objects  
Tue 15-Apr Hanuman Jayanti To have the awareness of doing service to the soceity Mere chanting of Sundarkhand of Ramayana.  
Fri 2-May Akshaya Tritiya To generate Self Awareness Energy, the   unchanging currency value that brings all prosperity in life. Merely buying gold and silver  
Thu 12-Jun Savitri Pooja To have unbroken awareness of Purusha (unmanifesting Energy) within ourself. Merely done only by women for the longevity of their husbands  
Sat 12-Jul Guru Purnima To have the awareness of teacher (Guru) who shows the reality of this life. Merely offerign flowers and singing glory of a teacher  
Fri 1-Aug Nag Panchami To have the awareness of our manifesting energy within us (Kundalini) and transform into spiritual energy Merely worshipping or killing pisonous snakes  
Sun 10-Aug Raksha-Bandhan To have the awareness and of gratitude with fellow beings and acknolwedge the help they offered in our lives Merely tying colorful threads in arm  
Sun 17-Aug Krishna Janmashtami To have the awareness of having divinity or inequality within us as lived by Lord Krishna Merely eating sweets what baby krishna liked.  
Fri 29-Aug Ganesh Chaturthi To initiate the Awareness to higher Self Merely making idols and drowning and polluting oceans.  
Sun 7-Sep Onam To confront the awareness of Self surrendering the Ego, the only creation of human beings. Feasting and boasting  
Tue 9-Sep Pitr-Paksha begins To have the awareness of ancestors and showing gratitude to heritage Merely offering rice to ancestors  
Thu 25-Sep Navaratri begins Rejuvenate Kundalini Energy for propserity in life to finally reach the Parama-Purusha Merely feasting and dancing and begging for prosperity  
Sat 4-Oct Dusshera To have the awareness of evil qualities which can only be removed by following the foot steps of inspiring lives lived by great people. Merely doing processions  
Sat 11-Oct Karva Chauth To have unbroken awareness of Purusha (unmanifesting Energy) within ourself. Merely done only by women for the longevity of their husbands  
Tue 21-Oct Dhan Teras/yama pooja/ Diwali To have the light of Awareness of our Self to have contentment in life, the sweeting attitude of life Merely boasting with new dress and eating lots of sweets  
Thu 6-Nov Kartik Poornima To have the full awareness of death and life as celebrated in Kashi Merely light lamps in kashi, the land of Moksha  
Wed 31-Dec Vaikunta Ekadeshi To have the Awareness of final entry to the state of Moksha Merely witnessing Lord vishnu entering through the seven doors  

Source - Self Awareness living in Bharath - Published in Dec 2014.


This section will be updated soon. Please come back to this page later.

1. Navarathri The 10 day festival to gain inner strength.

2. Deepavali This festivals of light brings inner light.

3. Onam The  Ego shadow is surrendered to the light of  Supreme Consciousness.

4. Holi This joyous celebration of colors is about the Unconditional Love.

5. Vishu (New Year) This Cosmetic Contemplation of mind every year.



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