Symbolism In Vedas

The incomprehensible made  Simple to understand :

We have discussed earlier that Rishi's having well researched on the sense organs, thoughts, Mind and intellect, stood spellbound at the immense potentialities in the field of Awareness. Among those very few Rishi's were able to swim from the river of Awareness into the Ocean of Consciousness. This is Self Realization or Enlightenment.

    If thoughts are water droplets, then Mind is a Spring-water, and intellect is the flowing stream joining a mighty river of Awareness, which finally merges into the Ocean Of Consciousness.

   The Rishi's called this Ocean of  Consciousness as Brahman in Sanskrit. The river of Awareness has a structure to define but how could one articulate about the Ocean of Consciousness? Thus the Rishi's used the language of Symbolism.

    When the Rishi's themselves find short of words to describe Consciousness, how could the layman string it into words? It is like a deep sea diver describing Ocean to a villager who had never seen more than well-water.  He could show a bottle of sea water to the villager and if the villager was an Egoistic person not believing in the Existence of Ocean, would spit out the salty water of  the Ocean water branding it as "tasteless-brine water".

    This led the Rishi's to  develop Symbolic Images of this Ocean of Consciousness and the river of Awareness to well-water layman. This became the fundamental basis to put their research findings into Vedic literature.  It is not a single Rishi who wrote these Vedic texts. Over ages the knowledge had been accrued similar to Modern Scientific Research.

     The language style of  modern scientists is different from how they convey among their peers than with the layman. Among peers they use technical words ,but for  the Public they use pictures and symbols and stories to explain.

     Similarly Rishi's abstract findings are technical words which they use to convey among their peers. For layman they used Puranas or Mythology to reach the public. In the next few pages we will see how they beautifully conveyed the message of Consciousness, Awareness, Intellect, Mind, sense organs and many more aspects of the mind of Individuality, Ego, different negative and positive thoughts. All these became human characters. The character's are fictional but what they implied is not fiction, it is real that we experience in every day to day life.



Other sources of symbolism

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