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 Pancha Bhoota walking & lymphatic system

Conscious Breathing

           In several sections of this web site we have mentioned that the nature of the mind is to wander in the past and future and never be in the present. When we are not in the present we are not conscious of the breath. To be conscious of the breath always needs some practice and in fact , this is what the subject matter of initial chapters of Sakthi Gita.

        Pancha Bhoota walking helps to bring awareness of the breath and is a wonderful  technique to practice conscious breathing while doing an action (here walking) and increase lymphatic circulation.

Walk alone, do not talk and walk.

The Purpose of walking is to relax the mind. Walking though gives exercise to the muscles, it relaxes the mind by decreasing the thoughts if done with breath awareness. So walk to relax your mind.  Talking while walking gives the mechanical physical exercise and does not relax the mind. Walking and relaxing the mind brings the best benefits of walking. Listening to music while walking and jogging gives exercise to the body and no benefit to the mind.

       But the problem is just by walking alone some times does not relax the mind because one then starts to ponder about the problems in life  while walking. The mature of the mind is to ponder of the past events or anxious or excited about the future. All sorts of mind disturbing thoughts comes to the mind while walking alone. How to avoid this?. This is why we suggest this beautiful  breath awareness while walking, called as Pancha Bhoota walking.

Pancha Bhoota walking - Observe your breath

         Maximum benefit is derived when some one walks and observe the breath during walking. While walking a little faster, the rate in which we breathe increases. Instead of the unconscious subtle breathing we can notice the strong breathing during walking. Observing this breath during walking will help us to bring the wandering mind focused on the breath. This way we can avoid pondering over thoughts and relax our mind. This observing the breath and walking brings immense benefits to health of the body and the mind by giving relaxation.

          But you have to be often aware that the mind slips to its old habit of thinking and thinking thoughts. It is okay. Keep focusing on the breath and that helps to relax the mind. This breath awareness walking gives immense health benefits.  Doing this for a long time helps even in meditation by keeping the mind under control. Do Pancha Bhoota walking for a couple of months and feel that the mind is more relaxed and  you can do your meditation much better.

         When you walk with breath awareness the lymphatic circulation becomes much better. This helps in detoxification and relief from so many diseases.  

PB walking and detoxification of the body and mind.

      Do water therapy in the morning (Drink 1.5 liters of water) and then do Pancha Bhoota walking has much more benefits. Walking and conscious breathing will improve lymphatic circulation and the water therapy will facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. This is an effective method as given by Arasan Shanmuganar.  We have practiced this and found to be highly effective.

Breath Awareness while working   Even while working or when you sit in a chair outside or by a window you can do some simple breathing exercises.  Here are a few basic breathing exercises to get you started.

    1) Sit up in a comfortable position, maybe a chair or chaise lounge. Sitting outside is preferable or at least by an open window with some fresh air, if it’s not too cold.  

   2) Get comfortable and relaxed. Just sit and let yourself breathe naturally, admiring the view and letting go of all thoughts or emotions right now. 

   3) Bring your attention to your lower abdomen – the area just below your belly button. If you like, you can rest the palm of your hand there, with your thumb resting on your umbilicus (belly button). Simply let your attention rest on the lower belly, observing the rising and falling of your belly with each breath. You are not making your breath do anything, you are simply observing.

    4) After a few minutes of this, slowly take a deep breath, breathing right into the palm of your hand resting on your belly. Feel your belly fill with air. Then slowly exhale, allowing your hand to follow your belly down. As you inhale again, feel the expansion in your diaphragm (the lower part of the rib cage) as that gently expands with each inhale. As you exhale, notice again how the diaphragm feels. Do this gently and rhythmically for a few minutes. This rhythmic expansion and contraction of the diaphragm helps pump blood and lymph through the liver.

Adapted from-Lymphatic System-Vital to Healing & Good Health by Suzanne E. Sky).


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