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Are there Side Effects of Water Therapy?

What is Uni5 Water-Therapy?
Drinking 1.5 liters of water daily first thing in the morning in empty stoach, as soon you clean your mouth,  is water therapy. 
Are there Side effects?
General public is concerned about drinking too much of water. According to ancient healers drinking water in excess is not harmful. Anything excess the body throws away. So water if found in excess, body will  eliminate it instantly. Because of the detoxification, rarely some individuals might feel tired but that goes away within a few days. Other than these minor symptoms we have not noticed any side effects of water therapy.
 After doing this water therapy, I am feeling extremely thirsty, should I drink more water throughout the day?
Yes if you feel thirsty there is no harm in drinking more water. All these years your body was thirsty for water. Usually the amount your body receives might be sufficient, but there is no law that you should or not drink drink water after you do water therapy.
 Should I drink more water throughout the day even after doing water therapy?
Drinking water in the morning is mostly sufficient for the whole day. You do not feel drinking water throughout the day unless the body demands. If you want to drink more water throughout the day , there is no harm, may be not required.
 Is it normal to urinate frequently after water therapy?
Yes, it is normal to urinate 2 to 3 times within an hour after doing this water therapy. However it is observed that as days go by the system gets used to retain water and use it throughout the day. So bear with the inconvenience you first observe.
Some people notice more fatigue and tiredness in the beginning after doing this water therapy. Its just because the body is cleaning up. After a few days these symptoms vanish and one will feel more energetic.
 Is it common to lose appetite after doing water therapy?
For some individuals there would be increase in hunger. That’s good. It probably indicates that body needs nutrients and energy and so it demands more food.
Whereas for others there is a loss of appetite. That is also normal. Probably the body wants to use its energy for healing and repairing the body instead on using for digestion. When we fall sick we lose appetite because the intelligent body wants to use the energy not to digest food but to fight the disease or do cleaning of the body. So don’t worry about hunger , keep continuing the water therapy.
 What should I do if I feel body pain after doing water therapy?
This is probably the detoxification that occurs in the muscles and joints. Usually the symptoms go away if one eat vitamin E rich foods. The best is to use raw wheat germ oil, one table spoon a day, mixed with salads, or rice or with other food. Wheat germ oil , flax seed oil, almonds, avocado, nuts , seeds supplies required vitamin E.
The pain also could due to detoxification. If the pain is severe then a cup of mild coffee for a couple of days would be drunk in the evenings. Then s drinking coffee.
 Will water therapy cause kidney failure?
This question is raised by many. In-fact we are only helping the kidney not to strain itself from water shortage. We relieve the water stress of the body through water therapy. We know people who have been doing water therapy throughout their life and were healthy without any health problems.
 What water to be used?
Since water obtained in many places is polluted, it would best be to use filtered water (free from chemical pollutants). We would say reverse osmosis water. Spring water can also be used if you are confident that it collected from a spring and is not contaminated with any toxic substances. Water can be boiled and sterilized too.
 Can cold water be used?
NO. Water while drinking should not be cold nor warm, but at room temperature. In winters if required water can be just made to luke warm conditions. Those who are constipated can also use luke warm water , but do not make it as a practice.
 Why is water therapy suggested in empty stomach?
After a nights sleep, so many hormones and metabolites are secreted and broken down. They should be removed in the morning from the body to avoid undesirable effects. Hence water therapy in the morning is very beneficial. Also in the empty stomach, maximum water is absorbed and part of the water used for flushing the colon and rectum if any junk found. When water enters the body in the morning, it helps kidneys to flush out the toxic metabolite form the body. Therefore water cleans the whole digestive system and the interior body. This might help in the better absorption of nutrients by the intestines and thereby improving general health.
 Why should not one use alcohol during water therapy?
Alcohol is an inhibitor of anti-diuretic hormone. This hormone helps kidneys in retaining body water. So if alcohol is consumed in the previous night , the kidneys cannot hold the needed water. More than that by experience we have found doing water therapy after having alcohol previous night, might increase blood pressure. We do not know the exact mechanism by which this happens but the clue is that alcohol might also intervene with kidneys function of maintaining blood pressure. Its amazing that ancient physicians knew these and recommend not to drink alcoholic beverages the night before doing water therapy.
 Will water therapy cause loss of nutrients from the body?
The water that we drink goes to the stomach and then to the intestines where 95% of it is absorbed and rest 5% will be absorbed by the stools in the rectum. There is only four exits for water to get out of body. In minor quantities based on exercise, it goes out as sweat and through the lungs. The next route is through the anus where water is absorbed by the stools. The major route of water excretion is through the urinary system as urine.
Nutrients that we take in the form of food is rapidly digested and absorbed by the intestines into the blood. Since water is drunk in the empty stomach it flushes the gastro-intestinal system, how does water then flushes out nutrients when they are not present in the intestines?. Whatever then water flushes out are the unabsorbed material, which form the stools. Therefore there is no chance for nutrients to be lost by rectum by doing water therapy in the empty stomach.
Once water is absorbed it enters the blood stream. The blood volume increases and reaches the kidneys. Water is used by kidneys to flush out waste through urine. No nutrient can pass into the urine without the notice of the kidneys unless there is a defect in the kidneys. Kidney is a highly meticulous sieve and therefore no nutrients are lost.
So where is the question of nutrient loss by water therapy. Nutrients are lost in the body itself because they are consumed in the metabolic reactions that counteract the toxic chemicals. So to conserve once body's nutrient one should avoid least exposure of toxic chemicals. Refined and processed foods are the major culprits and environmental pollutants contribute equally. In fact then water helps to conserve the nutrients in the body.
 Can one continue to do the water therapy after goals have been achieved?
Yes. But you will not stop it. You would have experienced healthy being doing water therapy so that you would continue doing it. In fact its good to do as a life long practice because it will help you prevent form all illness like colds, flu.  Other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancers etc will not develop if you do water therapy with some care in your diet and your mind too.
 Instead of weight loss what should I do if I gain weight doing water therapy? Very rarely I have heard from people about this type of experience. Well it could be that the body's absorption has increased and the body is healthy. These person's should still continue with water therapy but switch to whole foods like whole brown rice, whole wheat flour and reducing refined products, sugar etc. They should also do juice fasting once a week and castor oil cleansing once a month. This will help them to lose weight.
 Can one achieve weight gain doing water therapy? Body balances hormones and various physiological aspects after doing water therapy. Generally the fat weight of the body is lost and the bone and muscle weight increases. Good absorption of digested food increases bone and muscle weight , while fat weight does not.
 Can water therapy be done during pregnancy? We think its good. Priya did during her entire pregnancy. She did not have any complications, no digestive problems, no body pains, no constipation, even she was able to control nausea and vomiting with water therapy. Her birth assistant told her amniotic fluid was the best she ever saw, clean like pure water. The good health of the  kid , we believe is also due to the water therapy she did. She did normal weight gain and the  kid was around 6 pounds. She did not want to have a huge baby. Other women who had done water therapy did have babies of more than 7 to 8 pounds. The best thing is that after birth priya lost all the extra pounds she gained during pregnancy…back to slim and healthy.
 Who cannot do water therapy?
Al most any one can do water therapy even very sick people too. Kids require less water and so they can drink according to their age. After 15 years of age they can drink 1.2 liters and after 20 years of age, 1.5 liters of water. For younger kids based on their age one tea-cup to few tea-cups of water could be given first thing in the morning. If you have kidney failure or heart problems and doctors have toldto restrict water, then you cannot do it for time till it is resolved.
 Is it good to drink water in general while eating meals?
In fact drinking water during meals is considered not good  for digestion. But drinking water an hour before and after meals is good to improve digestion.
Is it true that some one died of drinking too much water?.
Yes. that is correct, but look at the amount the person drank to die. He consumed more than two gallons of water in a short time. That is almost four times the volume of water recommended for water therapy.  In another case, in 2007, a Californian mother-of-three died after drinking more than 6 litres of water in an hour -
Should I brush my teeth and then do water therapy?
Tradition says not to brush before doing water therapy. This means do water therapy and then do brushing. may be some beneficial bacteria may get into the gut.  However if you eating non-veg food and eating sweets and then clean your mouth before going to bed it is good to do water therapy in the morning without cleaning the mouth. 
See this article about over cleaning of mouth with harmful chemicals can be damaging for other health conditions. 
 2013 Mar;69(1):137-43. doi: 10.1016/j.phrs.2012.11.006. Epub 2012 Nov 28. The oral microbiome in health and disease.

An interesting property of the oral microbiome relates to nitrate metabolism and cardiovascular health. Around a quarter of ingested nitrate is returned to the mouth via an entero-salivary circuit. Oral bacteria reduce nitrate to nitrite which is taken up into the bloodstream via gastric absorption and converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is essential for vascular health, and helps to keep blood vessels pliant and supple and thus has an anti-hypertensive effect. Dietary nitrate supplements lower blood pressure by stimulating this mechanism [48]. The central role of oral bacteria has been confirmed by the observations that the increase in plasma nitrite following nitrate ingestion is markedly reduced by the use of an antimicrobial mouthrinse [49], and, in rats, antimicrobial use abolishes the blood pressure lowering effect of ntirate [50]. This may, then, have implications for oral hygiene. Over-zealous oral hygiene could have negative implications for what appears to be an important natural mechanism for maintaining cardiovascular health.

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