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Water Therapy

Two Types of Toxins

There are two types of toxins that are produced in our bodies or that enter our bodies through the environment. Water soluble and water insoluble toxins. The job of getting rid of these two types of toxins is assigned to two major organs of the body. One is the liver and other the kidneys. Kidneys flush out water soluble toxins with the help of water and the liver flushes out water insoluble toxins through the help of bile. The byproducts of hormonal breakdowns and other metabolic products are water insoluble toxins that are thrown out by the liver. We will first discuss the kidneys and then, later,  the liver.

Kidneys, The Garbage Cleaners

There are two million nephrons, the micro-chips of kidneys. These nephrons filter about 2000 liters of blood every day. Working with the kidneys, water helps to flush out toxic substances and waste materials from the body. It also helps the kidneys to produce sufficient urine to keep the body's inner chemistry (pH) in balance. If the chemistry (pH) is disturbed, the reactions are hampered and this manifests as disease. Hence, for the body to be healthy water should be abundant. This is the key to this therapy.

          Every day zillions of chemicals reach the kidneys to be flushed out through urine. These include metabolic waste like urea (high protein diets cause high urea production), uric acids, breakdown products of hormones, vitamins, salts (sodium, potassium etc). These are all natural which the kidneys are accustomed to for thousands of years.

          Modern man's kidneys, however, are challenged with zillions of manmade toxic chemicals that enter the body through a variety of ways. The sources include food (coloring agents, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormonal substances and antibiotics from diary products), cosmetics (tooth paste, shaving creams, sprays, dyes, lipstick, eye lashes, nail polishes and removers), environmental pollutants both indoors, and outdoors.

         Thus the body is choked with chemicals and the burden goes to the liver and kidneys. The liver converts the fat soluble toxic chemicals into water soluble chemicals and thereby helps the kidneys to flush the toxins through urine. However, with limited water supply, the kidneys cannot completely flush out metabolic and foreign waste. Therefore, metabolic wastes accumulate and cause diseases like cancers, allergies, hypertension, Parkinson's, kidney stones, gall stones, kidney failures etc. Accumulation of foreign chemicals accelerate the cause of the above diseases and also trigger other ailments. Water alone can help the body to get rid of these wastes.

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