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  Water Therapy

  One simple cleansing method for both body and mind

   Water therapy is a simple method to cleanse both the body and mind from toxins. Doing water therapy one gets more benefits than one can imagine. At the physical  level, various diseases are healed and at the mind level many  negative habits just fade away.

     The simple method that we are going to tell you will also cleanse your mind not physically but through intellect. Like the body the mind is also affected by internal as well as external toxins. The internal toxins in the mind arise through thoughts of every day actions and external toxins come from outside as stimuli from the environment.  It is amazing how a simple method will cleanse both mind and body.

What is Water Therapy?
    Drinking 1.5 liters of water daily first thing in the morning is water therapy. 1.5 liters is equal to 3.3 pints or 0.4 gallons of water or six and a half measuring cups (not tea-cups) of water. (Details in the next few pages).

Diseases healed by Water Therapy
    It is impossible to list them completely. It heals a number of ailments. These are some of the benefits that we experienced and some were reported by our friends.

Constipation, Headache, Anemia, Rheumatism, Organ Failures, General Paralysis, Over Weight, Arthritis, Improved Sexual Performance, Sinusitis, Tachycardia, Giddiness, Cough, Morning Sickness, Asthma, Bronchitis, Meningitis, Kidney Stones, Gall Stones, Dysentery, Leukemia, Hot Flashes Hyper Acidity, Gastro-enteritis, Eye Diseases, Wrinkles in Skin, Diabetes, Laryngitis, Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Esophagus Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Pre-cancerous Oral Lesions, Ovarian Cyst, High Cholesterol, Ophthalmic Hemorrhage & Opthalmia (red eye), Irregular Menstruation, Rectal Prolapse, Urogenital Diseases, Blood Pressure/Hyper Tension, Pulmonary, Tuberculosis (TB).

      Remember, most of these diseases are healed not with water therapy alone but in combination with the earth therapy (Diet) and/or the other four elements.

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