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 Ancient  Approach : Holistic & Complete

    The attempt here is not to deny the benefits of modern science, but to pinpoint the problems of an un-holistic approach, especially in the field of food. We have discussed how modern scientists, discovering  that phytates in whole grains bind iron,  leading to anemia, took the un-holistic approach of refining and enriching foods causing immense health problems.

       Instead, look at ancient cultures all over the world. Knowing the same facts, they adapted natural means not only to overcome anemia but nourishing the food to a higher extent. The traditional approach was to soak ,sprout and/or ferment foods. As we discussed earlier, soaking and sprouting solutes phytates in foods, thereby releasing iron in the natural form for absorption by the intestines.

      Iron fortification with unnatural chemical iron causes intestinal irritation leading to genetic damage not only of the  intestines but also in other body organs. The intake of chemical iron is one of the major causes for inflammatory diseases of the colon. However, by eating fermented foods as per the ancient methods, the levels of  soluble iron improve in the food. This prevents not only anemia but supplies other nutrients through fermentation.

     We know soy bean is the richest source of protein content, even higher than animal protein. It also contains a trypsin inhibitor causing digestion problems. But look at the ancient wisdom of fermenting it in the form of tofu. Tofu is easy to digest and also tasty.

     Similarly, we see corn being alkalized with lime and consumed in its fermented form in Mexican countries. This approach takes into account the whole grain of corn, which then releases calcium and other micro-nutrients through fermentation. Through this approach several nutrient deficiencies can be avoided.

      There are several such examples all over the world to show the holistic wisdom of ancient cultures. Next we will briefly discuss fermentation.     

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