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Over Weight & Fiber

         Since fibers stick on to glucose in intestines, they not only release glucose slowly into blood, but also prevent less absorption of glucose into the body.       

       Glucose that enters into the body  will be used as energy  source for the body cells and rest of the glucose will be stored as fat. As we mentioned earlier glucose is the energy currency of the body and like the unused currency we deposit in the bank, the body reserves in fat.  Someone who is over weight means, he or she has a "fat" bank-balance.

      Eating fiber rich foods like whole grains, beans and vegetables are the best sources of fiber. eat do not stick on to one type of grain or vegetables or beans. eat variety and you get different types of fiber through these foods.

        Stop earning more glucose and be a spendthrift to exhaust your fat balance to become slim. Fiber is the money-sucker.


      This does not mean you can avoid carbohydrates totally. Instead of eating fat rich and protein rich foods and causing imbalances in the body, it is wise to eat fiber rich carbohydrates, exercise and be slim and healthy.

       To be wise, is to eat fiber rich food while you are pregnant and so you make your child's pancreas and body healthy and continue to feed your children fiber rich foods right from the beginning. Let your children grow healthy, vibrant with energy and not fatty sluggish.

Banana flour when added to starchy food like pasta, it lowered the glycemic index.  Low glycemic responses are thought to be favorable to health because of possible prevention of heart disease and metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes and also for over weight.

Look again how our ancestors were highly intelligent in using banana powder to infants, patients and old people.  Children are weaned with this banana powder. Traditionally unripe special banana called "Nenthrampazham" (called as cooking bananas in USA, Mexico) was cut into pieces and sun dried  and store in a clean bottle. It could be powdered and stored also for convenience.  To prepare, pour one teaspoon of ghee to a pan and add two tablespoons of the powder and just briefly fry for 20 seconds. Add water and stir continuously for 5 minutes to cook without forming lumps. Add sugar or  palm jaggery  for taste. This is an instant natural safe healthy traditional baby food.   This is now scientifically proven that  Banana powder is good because of its high anti-oxidant power and also rich in nutrients.

Eating citrus fruits like lemon is good to reduce fat in exercise.

      Sakthi's tip for health - Eat unrefined foods but have refined thoughts.

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