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  Rice Mistake

 Best rice is Black, followed by red and then brown and worst is white rice.

     In South India, diabetes in olden days was called as the rich man's disease. Because it was found only with the rich people, because they only could afford to eat white rice , since it required extra labor to polish rice.

     In England and other Asian countries, prisoners in 18th century, were kept in prison which were located mostly in islands. Since brown rice became rancid and stale in prison due to long storage. Hence white rice was given in these prisons. a mysterious nervous breakdown disorders were noticed in these prisoners and at that time, everyone took for a bacterial infection that spread through white rice.

      It was accidentally discovered that giving rice bran prevented drooping neck syndrome in pigeons. Pigeons that were fed with white rice had all speedily developed marked symptoms of malnutrition and serious nerve derangements. Besides losing weight they sit listless and shivering, lose power in their legs, suggesting nerve paralysis, while many develop convulsions.

      We repeat now the same mistake of using refined rice and other grains putting us into the risk of not only diabetes, cholesterol, but many other nervous break down disorders. Click here  to read from this site about more information about the harmful effects of refined foods. 

McCann, Alfred Watterson, 1879-1931. This famishing world; food follies that maim and kill the rich and the poor, that cheat the growing child and rob the prospective mother of health, that burn up millions in treasure. Published New York, George H. Doran company [c1918]

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