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Soaking and Sprouting

      Sprouting and eating grains or beans is good for health. Traditional cultures all over the world have the practice of soaking and sprouting grains and beans. Soaking makes the grain soft and also causes less gas in the intestines. Brown rice should be soaked and cooked with excess water than the white rice for a softer texture. All types of beans and dals (legumes), soaked and cooked with spices especially ginger and garlic will not cause gas problems in the intestines.

       Scientists say that eating fiber rich and unrefined products, as is the modern, urban practice,  causes anemia and other mineral deficiencies. Traditional cultures had the practical wisdom of soaking and sprouting foods. Soaking, sprouting or fermenting causes nutritional improvements and increased availability of nutrient for absorption. Sprouting and fermentation cause a breakdown of phytates in foods which otherwise would not release bound iron to be  absorbed by the intestines. Iron has to be in soluble form in our foods to prevent anemia.

         In a study with grains, it was found that cooking had no effect on the amount of soluble iron. Iron solubility increased, however, two to four times after soaking and germination, three to five times after fermentation and five to eight times after fermentation of the germinated flour samples and was highly correlated to the reduction of hydrolyzed phytates (International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Volume 50, Number 3 / June 1, 1999 Pages: 203 - 211 ).

        Therefore, the traditional practices of soaking, sprouting and fermenting are the best ways to consume grains and beans. Now modern research is discovering the importance of sprouting. To get more information  Click here  to read about the Nutritional Content of Sprouts. You will read after two pages about the benefits of fermentation. Before that, in the next page you will read how an unholisitc view of modern research has caused havoc in health.

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