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Whole Vs Refined Grains
               Refined foods not only are devoid of nutrients, but when eaten will use our body nutrients and weaken our system. First look at this graph which shows how different nutrients are lost while refining foods.


           Due to refining nutrients are lost.  Click here

 to read Nutritional Content of Whole Grains VS Their Refined Flours for more information from another site.

Enriched foods.

    It is common to find in the market, enriched foods like bread , pasta, etc with added nutrients and so called as enriched foods. For enrichment, nutrients like iron, thiamin and riboflavin are added to foods. We consider enrichment is also not healthy because enrichment amounts of nutrients are not only excessive in quantity and out of balance (proportion) from the rest of the nutrients but also they enriched nutrients  and are in un-natural form.

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