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  Pancha Bhoota Healing

                          The 5-Elements Healing      

           Wandering Mind:  - Air Therapy

      Unfortunately to bring about co-ordination of the mind and body at present,  the mind is not available. The nature of the mind is to wander and never present in the present (now). The mind is either brooding over the past or anxious of the future.

      This fast wandering mind like the air is brought to the present and made available to heal the body through Air therapy. Pranayama is suggested as part of Air therapy, where  breathing is done with full awareness. Mind always follows breath (Air) because without it it cannot function. Without food and water, mind can survive but not without Air. Taking this intelligent aspect into consideration we pull the wandering mind and allow it to transcend to the state of Awareness. This state of Awareness is the "Source" of all potentialities, including healing.

            Detoxification of the Ego  - Space Therapy

     The mind wanders away from the Awareness to the outside through the five senses of the body. This is because of the toxin of the mind called Ego. The Ego drives the mind to seek out and not to the inner core of our being, the real "Self".

      This is accomplished by the most subtle Element, the Space through Relaxation and Meditation. Through this we watch our thoughts and clearly distinct it from the Ego. This detoxifying the mind from the Ego is in fact the very purpose of Life.

     For healing we thus combine holistically the five elements to make the whole process highly effective and complete. Completeness or fullness is the very nature of our "Being".

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