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Pancha Bhoota Healing

                          The 5 Element Healing

      The end products of various metabolic reactions become toxic to the body and  are mostly water soluble. Every night we undergo a fasting period (no food or drink is consumed) , until the next day when we break the fast with "breakfast".      

           1.  Water soluble Toxins:  - Water Therapy

     During this fasting period, thirty trillion cells in the human body spit out toxic metabolic wastes into our bloodstream.  Water Therapy means drinking water first thing in the morning, to the fullest capacity of our stomach. The capacity of our stomach is 1.5 liters (0.396 gallons, 1.58 quarts, 3.2 pints ,or 6.3 cups).
      Drinking this much water all at once cleanses the stomach and intestines, the blood and all organs, rejuvenating them, removing all water soluble toxins from them in the form of urine. It is interesting to note that many diseases have been healed just by removing the water soluble toxins from our body.

      However, by removing water soluble toxins alone we cannot clear all diseases.  Fat soluble toxins might be needed to be removed to bring about complete healing.     

            2.  Fat Soluble Toxins:   - Earth Therapy

    If you want to clean a cloth, rinsing it in water alone will not help. Because, with water only water soluble toxins will be removed. Fat soluble toxins or greasy toxins must be removed with soap.

     Our body similarly removes fat soluble toxins through a soap it manufactures called bile. Bile has two functions, one of which is to emulsify the fats and make it easy for digestion. The liver detoxifies all the toxins that enter the body. It converts chemicals into water soluble chemicals so that the kidneys can throw these out of the body through urine. This is where water therapy helps the liver and kidneys to do their jobs more effectively.     

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