Ekadasi Fasting

Fasting is an act of restrainting from desire to eat. Eating is done to supply energy to the body to do various physical work to fulfill desires of life, including the desire to procreate.

Desires are subtle thoughts that are fulfilled upong manifestion giving the completeness of happiness. However, after fulfullment we again wish "once more" the happiness to be experienced.  This is why we take rebirth, but alas we end up in a visicious eternal loop of birth and rebirth.This eternal loop of suffering depletes our "Energy" and so called as "Paapa" or sin.

To redeem from this sin or loop of suffering, one has to have an attitude to have contentment in life as well as the awareness of laws of karma.

According to law of karma, every action leads to several chain reactions of actions and all of these actions depletes Energy.  To fuel the actions, we need to generate "luck" energy to fulfill desires. Thus we undergo cycles of poverty and richness through life-times.

The number 10 or "Dasa" is a number of completion. The desire to experience once more is "Eka", the aspect of rebirth (10 + 1 = 11). Vishnu is the Cosmic intelligence that helps get reedemed from this cycles of life through awareful living.

Ekadasi is observed in every 14 days of the moon cycle. Moon represents the mind and its waning and waxing represents the continuous depletion and generation of Energy for the mind's functionality. Avoiding grains on the Ekadesi days and undergoing fasting, conserves Energy and also increases the Awareness to be "Birthless".

All souls (personality with a bundle of desires) uses grain's energy to get into a cellular body. Therefore grains are symbolically avoided to get  "Birthlessness".

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