Tamil Nadu Uni5 Yatra

Uni5 Yatra in the places of Tamil nadu starts from Chennai and ends up in Trivanathapuram, kerala.

Click here about the 10 days tour plan.

There are several tours arranged for international and domestic tourists. They do a great job of giving the best experience to the tourist.

Then what is unique about the Uni5 Yatra tours? Our guides are specially trained in the light of the oldest philosophical thought of Bharath. Analysing by dissecting into parts (Enumeration) and then experiencing it in an unified pattern is a profund wholistic apprach given to mankind.

Based on this approach Ancient Bharath Science of Energy was developed giving it a mathematical approach to experience Divinity (that which is indivisible in absolute Consciousness, but divisible in its relative field of Energy).

Temples of Bharath are constructed with such patterns (Vaastu) of geometry to experience Consciousness and tap the Energy vibrations needed to fullfil desires to attain Eternal state of happiness.

In this Uni5 Sakthi Yatra... we give the tourist this experience of the unification of their five aspects of the being.



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