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In the previous page we discussed observing thoughts and strengthening awareness. But the mind is like a wild animal, wandering all the time. The mind cannot be controlled; it can only be tamed. Here is the helping hand of Yoga. Yoga is one of the  basic steps in which one can tame the mind. Our body is more gross than the mind and so the body can be tamed more efficiently than the mind. For example, we can physically sit in a place far longer than the mind sitting on one thought.

          As the body goes, the mind follows. The twisting and turning of body parts in yoga is a way to tame the mind to follow it. By taming the body one can tame the mind, but not fully. The steps of taming the body and finally the mind are the real purpose of yoga. Basically, you are instructed to practice some regular pattern of movements or postures, which done continuously, over a period of time, tames the mind to obey. Once the mind is tamed then one can question who is taming the mind? That enquiry leads to the discovery of the self (details explained later).

Yoga and healing

           Healing occurs when the co-ordination of mind and body is restored. Healing is a process that takes place only when the mind and the body are aware of each other. Our mind is always attracted to the exterior world and ignores our interior world. Only when we fall sick we are aware of our body. Sickness should not be taken in a negative way. It is a signal, which demands the attention of the mind over the body. Yoga helps to indirectly bring about this connection and hence promotes healing.

We recommend Uni5-Pancha Bhoota Yoga helps in healing the body and strengthening the awareness.

Uni5 Pancha Bhoota Yoga in five stages are given in this link.

Click for the healing Part in this link.

For Surya Namaskar - Part- 1 please click this link

For Surya Namaskar - Part- 2 Please click here


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