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   Surya Namaskar       

       Surya Namaskar is called the King of all Yogas because it is the essence of all Yogic exercises. There are twelve positions or a posture involves in Surya Namaskara. With all of these twelve positions, each and every part of the body gets ample execrsie. Surya Namaslara also enhances the vision.

          Among these twelve positions, ten are Asanas only. The first one and the last one are two positions. All these Asanas and position are very easy to perform and can easily be practised by the people of all ages. Together these twelve positions constitute the process of Surya Namaskara and twenty-five Namaskaras form one Avriti (frequency).

      Surya Namaskar must be performed at some open and airy place. Perform Surya Namaskara slowly without feeling tired (fatigue) or panting and puffing, changing the feet every time, it must be performed on each of the feet successively.

Maximum Stretching - Vital in Surya namskar: To get the real benefit of Surya Namaskar, make sure you  stretch maximum your hands , legs ,  head and trunk to maximum possible extent in every step. This is very very important. Without stretching you will not the benefits of Surya Namaskar. During stretching the  in each step increases the  Lymphatic Circulation which is vital for all healing process of the body. You will personally feel during stretchign each cell of your body gets maximum blood supple through which nutrients and oxygen supply is provided. This is how many diseases are cured.  The next vital aspect  is the awareness of breath.

Awareness of breath: While doing Surya Namaskar (or doing any Yoga)  awareness of breath is very important to get maximum benefit. While expanding or stretching the body, air is inhaled and while contracting or bending air is given out.

   If there is any ailment in the body, the best is to pay attention to that part while doing the exercise and feel that prana or air is going that part of the body. Also feel that there is good heat circulation, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to that region. This awareness  of breath and thought on the body part while doing Surya Namaskar or yoga helps in healing the ailment with full effect..

Detailed video of Surya Namaskar by srinivas Vallabhaneni.


In the first position of Surya Namaskara contemplate the virtues of Lord Surya with concentrated mind and feel that you are the friend of everybody and have friendship with every creature on the earth. Immersing yourself with these feelings stand erect stretching your hand, neck and all other parts of your body. Stretching both of your arms, touch your thighs with palms and inflate the chest and point your vision on the tip of the point your vision on the tip of the nose. This is a position of attention. Since you stand straight in 'Daksha' position hence this posture is named 'DAKSHASANA'.

BENEFITS - Disorders of the skin and waists are corrected, the back and legs gain strength. Focusing of the vision on nose helps to control the mind. Awareness of doing the exercise is a meditation by itself and improves concentration of mind and enhances self-confidence.


Fold together both of your hands in such a way that that both the thumbs begin to touch your chest. Expand your chest and pull in the belly as far as possible. Look straight ahead. The head, the neck and the body should remain in a straight line. Closing the mouth inhale the breath and hold it inside as far as possible and then expose the breath.

BENEFITS :Disease of the throat is corrected and voice is enhanced. Both mind and body become healthy.

For Pictures in Tamil, please  Click here  and

For pictures in Malayalam please Click here for part 1 and for Part 2 in Malayalam please Click here. These two versions are in PDF format.

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