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Yoga of Eating - Awareness 

         Eating food with awareness means having the mind available right at the moment of eating. This has various advantages. One enjoys the food thoroughly. All minute tastes are enjoyed. One can use eating to observe the tastes that the mind enjoys. This brings about awareness. Eating with awareness one gets the full benefit of food because there is body mind co-ordination present. This is Yoga.

Eating is Yoga
The steps of yogic eating are as follows.


  • Prepare a clean (as well as peaceful) place to sit and eat.
  • Do not eat if you are in a hurry.
  • Eat only if you are hungry.
  • Eat not only for pleasure but also for healing the body.
  • Just before eating, close your eyes and do a prayer as a means of expressing  your gratitude to Nature for the food.
  • Mentally thank all the life forms that contributed to the food.
  • Appreciate the fact that the food is going to be a part of your body components and eat with love.
  • Feel that the food is healing and think while eating that the food is going to heal your disease.
  • Don’t talk, don’t listen to music, don’t read, no watching TV, don’t think of any thing else. Have your full attention on the food.
  • You are not just eating to give energy to your body, but to maintain it. It  is the food that will keep your body fit.
  • Eat in a very happy mood and enjoy the taste, masticate well and feel the process of digestion and the absorption from your stomach to various parts of the body.
  • Eat with clean hands avoid using a spoon or fork. For thousands of years, our hands have enjoyed the touch of food. Touch of food is stimulatory to the senses and will help in digestion and good feeling.
  • The touch of food also aids in keeping the awareness of the mind in the present.

If food is eaten like this, with ease, you will never experience disease.

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