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Food Control

        Unlike the other four sense organs that are exposed to the outside, the tongue, alone, is positioned inside the body under tight control and security. There are two lips, the upper and lower. Then there are hard shell-like jaws inside where the tongue is placed and guarded by 32 teeth, the security guards. So it is not easy for the tongue to go out of control.

Control Over Food

             Should the tongue be held responsible or the mind? Through the control of the mind can we have control over food? We usually say 'food is tempting'. But if we think about the reality, it is the mind that creates the temptation. 

Putting your finger in an electric socket is not a temptation to most adults. The mind does not entertain such thoughts because it fears the consequences. But with regard to food it has no such fear.

           The reality is that food is not tempting, it is the mind that craves for it. Therefore, the mind has to be taken care of. Unfortunately, the mind cannot be controlled directly; only the intellect can take care of the mind.

          Make intelligent choices over food. Keep away from food that is tempting. Do not just restrict from eating, instead buy foods that are healthy and tasty. Be aware of the food and through this awareness you will be able to exercise control over your mind. It is the mind that needs control.

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