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                    Food and Mind Control

             Over eating is a problem  in modern society. This happens because the mind in a majority of the people, is restless, agitated.  Usually people seek refuge in food; others look for it in alcohol, tobacco,  drugs etc to overrule mental agitations. 

          We have five senses - sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. We enjoy one or different combinations of these senses through different means.

One sense - We love to hear music but hearing is the only sense involved here. 

Two senses - Watching movies is enjoyable and involves sight and hearing.

Three senses - Talking to others is enjoyable because of the three organs involved.

Four senses - Food gratifies all four senses except hearing.

Five senses - In sexual gratification all five senses are involved.

       The more the senses involved,  the more difficult it becomes to exercise control over that action. It is easier to give up an addiction towards music or movies compared to food or sex, because of the number of senses involved.     

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