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           We have five sense organs -  eyes, nose, ears, skin and tongue. It is very interesting to note that all our sense organs, except the tongue, are in duplicate: i.e. two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and the whole area of skin from head to toe to sense touch. But we have ONLY ONE tongue!

           Also the four organs have only one function each. But the tongue has TWO functions. Taste and Speech. Tongue is the sense organ that invites the most trouble, both through taste and speech! We talk hurting words and invite trouble. If the tongue is not under control, we do not know how much to talk, when or where. Similarly, with the tongue we do not know how much to eat, nor the time or place. We let lose the tongue without any control for either taste or speech.  Without keeping the tongue in control, we overeat.  Because of lack of control, we  eat and drink things that are harmful to the body.

       It is an irony that we want to be healthy, slim without having control over the body. This is as good as wanting to jump in the water without getting wet. Again we do not tell you not to eat tasty food. Food is also to be enjoyed but we need a control over the enjoyment otherwise it  creates massive problems for us.

        In Vedic tradition the pleasure of enjoying the senses (Indriyan) is called Swarga which means heaven. This is ruled by Indra, who is a Deva or  God. But when the sense enjoyment goes into excess or addiction it is called Asura or demon and hell is their abode. Sura means to be a leader or have control over. "A" is a prefix to denote "no" and so Asura refers  to someone who has no control.  Generally, the battle between the Asuras and Devas is taken literally. But the ancient masters have conveyed the message through these beautiful illustrations; how in every sensory enjoyment there is always an internal battle between enjoying and indulgence.


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